INTRODUCING: Beginner Training Plan from The World's First Occlusion training Brand
 breakthrough Occlusion Training:
The 12-week Beginner Workout Routine for Occlusion Training
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3X Your Muscle Growth...
Venous Occlusion Training is the new revolution in fitness and strength training. Whether you're an advanced bodybuilder who is looking to take your physique to the next level, or a novice gym enthusiast who is looking to pack on some serious gains, venous occlusion training is the right path for you.

Occlusion training has scientifically proven benefits, including:
  • Enhanced athletic ability
  • Accelerated hypertrophy and muscle growth
  • Faster and smarter recovery
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Nayyer Ettehadulhagh has made occlusion training the cornerstone of his workout routine for the past 10 years and went on to found the world's first occlusion training brand, VOTwear, together with his brother, Mehdi. 
Together, they have both achieved their dream physique using this extremely effective training method and through years of research in the lab as well as experimentation in the gym, they have been able to create the most effective training plans for occlusion training for both beginners and advanced athletes.
  What People Are Saying:
"...Changed My Training So Much"
... it's unbelievable. I have seen bigger changes this week than I have seen in months! It is unreal, thank you!
- Sam N.
"...Like Nothing I Have Ever Seen!"
... this is insane. My arms are almost turned off. I can't shake the feeling that it's somehow cheating.
- Philip v.d.W.
"...Very Fortunate To Have Discovered This"
After my yearlong injury, the VOTwear occlusion training helped me greatly with growing my muscles back faster - with lower weights!!
- Maria E.
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